Mid-Level SRE/DevOps/Software Developers - Developer Platform Engineering

Paço de Arcos, Lisbon, PT, 2770-131

Job ID: 10363 

We are looking for amazing Developers, SREs, DevOps Engineers and/or Jack-of-all-Trades that want to be part of a team that is 100% focused in making developer lives easier!


We will be using interesting and fun tools and practices like containers (Docker), container orchestrators (Kubernetes, Fargate), Infrastructure-as-Code (Terraform, CDK), Cloud (AWS/Azure), DevSecOps (Snyk, Checkov, Trivy) and modern programming languages (Python, Go) to help us create an amazing developer-focused experience that rivals the best of the best.

We offer great work-life balance, an inclusive work environment, good compensation and a chance to learn a lot from like-minded people.

About this opportunity


Who we are

We are Nordea Asset Management, one of the largest asset managers in Europe and part of the biggest Nordic banking group.

The role is based in Oeiras with reference to the Copenhagen office. 


What's our Mission


We are looking to create an great team that will deliver an Internal Developer Platform (IDP) as a Product.


We want to boost the productivity of our teams by giving them access to amazing self-service tools and automation. We want every team member to contribute to creating an fantastic developer experience that rivals the best of the best!

You will join a new team that will be part of Software Delivery Engineering, a skilled group of engineers from areas like Cloud, DevOps, SRE and Data Engineering.

What you’ll be doing

Your day-to-day work tasks might include:

  • Building and maintaining highly-available infrastructure on-cloud and on-premises environments.
  • Create CI/CD templates that allow teams to start building, testing and deploying from Day 1.
  • Provide a resilient multi-tenant compute platform based on Docker and Kubernetes.
  • Write Infra-as-Code modules that teams can leverage to build infrastructure in a self-service way.
  • Provide great observability tools allowing developers to find and prevent issues in their systems.
  • Developed reusable and composable APIs and tools that orchestrate and automate our platform services.


Some technologies we will be using


We are starting (almost) from zero so there is a lot of room to test and choose which tech will makes successful. We currently looking into:

  • Containers and Container Orchestration: Docker, Kubernetes, Fargate.
  • Source Control Management and CI/CD: GitLab, GitHub, Artifactory, Nexus, ECR.
  • Observability: Prometheus, Grafana, Loki, Cloudwatch, OpenTelemetry.
  • Security and Compliance: Snyk, Trivy, TFsec, Chekov, OPA, Hashicorp Vault.
  • Data Engineering: Airflow, Dremio.
  • Programming Languages: Python, Go.


Who you are

Collaboration. Ownership. Passion. Courage. These are the four key values that guide us in being at our best. We imagine that you enjoy learning and are excited about bringing your ideas to the table.

You’re trusted, willing to speak up – even when it’s difficult – and committed to empowering others.

Who we are looking for


You don't need to know all of this but it would be nice if:

  • You know how to move around inside a Linux-based OS and can perform basic system administration tasks.
  • You know the basics of Computer Networks and have a reasonable understanding on how the Internet works at the HTTP, TCP and DNS protocol level.
  • You can a write a simple yet reliable CI/CD pipeline that deploys an application into a production environment using Jenkins, GitLab CI, GitHub Actions or similar tools.
  • You know the benefits of the Cloud and have used or experimented with Infrastructure-as-Code tools like Terraform or CDK.
  • You know how write a simple web-based API or a CLI tool using programming languages that allow for fast iteration like Python, JavaScript, Go and similar.

Corporate language is English, so you should have a good proficiency in written and oral English.


If this sounds like you, get in touch!


Next steps

Submit your application no later than 31/12/2022.


For more information about the position, please contact Head of Software Delivery Engineering, Martin Pagh-Roelsgaard (martin.pagh-roelsgaard@nordea.com).

Department:  IT/Technology