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We are looking for great engineers that will help us build a greenfield internal developer platform (IDP) using a product-focused approach.

Would you like to be part of our latest venture in a progressive technology strategy? 

We offer an innovative opportunity to be part of the great journey in Nordea Asset Management to bring our business and tech capabilities to the next level - where you will have a great influence! 

About this opportunity

We are looking to build a co-located team from scratch that will deliver and own a competitive internal Developer Platform – think Thoughtworks “Platform as a Product” or Team Topologies “Platform Engineering Team”. The platform is there to accelerate our internal value streams in their deliveries on business outcomes and will hence do most of the technical heavy lifting. Initial scope are capabilities like CI/CD pipelines, Security and IAM, Private and Public Cloud curation and adoption, Active Metadata Management, API Gateway/Management and Data Pipeline Orchestration. The team will have end-to-end ownership of the commercial success of our platform investments, build & run and our decisions along the way to deliver a loved internal Product. All this will of course happen in close collaboration with value streams and enablement layers in the organization.

You will join a new team in the Software Delivery Engineering part of our tech organization and will have likeminded engineers within DevOps Engineering, Site Reliability Engineering and Cloud Engineering close to you. Also, a lot of value streams, enablement teams and architects looking forward to the fruitful collaboration and engineering. A data mesh architecture, modern ways of working and strong business domain boundaries will guide our journey from here.

The role is based in Oeiras with reference to the Copenhagen office. 

Welcome to a motivated crew working in an agile development environment, pushing for the future of software engineering in very close collaboration with the cross-functional Product Teams. 

What you’ll be doing:
You will master the composition of custom-written, open source software and SaaS solutions to deliver the capabilities needed to have a successful “Developer Platform” Product internally.


The tasks will include:

  • Curation of internal services and public cloud services to maximize value and adoption
  • End-to-end build/run ownership of all platform capabilities
  • Accelerate GitOps, Everything as Code, Cloud First and API First patterns
  • Influence, design, build and run bets within CI/CD, Microservice Cloud Ready/Native architecture, API Gateway, Active Metadata, Data Pipeline orchestration, etc.
  • Maximize Developer Experience, “shift left” and other platform goals 
  • Mature product capabilities from collaboration and experimentation to self-service


Who you are

Collaboration. Ownership. Passion. Courage. These are the four key values that guide us in being at our best. We imagine that you enjoy learning and are excited about bringing your ideas to the table. You’re trusted, willing to speak up – even when it’s difficult – and committed to empowering others.

Your profile and background:

You could be the right candidate if you have an understanding of modern software delivery capabilities in 2022 and:

  • You are a Software Engineer with some experience in software delivery engineering and/or developer experience.
  • or, you are a DevOps/SRE engineer with good software development skills. 


Our ideal candidate has higher education in an engineering or tech-related field and/or some good experience working in the IT software industry as a Software Developer.

If you:

  • Understand that focusing on developer productivity is a key differentiator when it comes to deliver good quality software.
  • Believe that using CI/CD is the right way to go and have basic skills in building pipelines that help delivery software more reliably and securely.
  • Have some experience with accelerating Developer Experience and effectiveness by automating software delivery 
  • A decent understanding of how to compose modern platform layers (thin and/or fat) and make them a success
  • Have experience with or have interest in owning and running shared services effectively in cloud-based environments.

we would definitely want to talk with you!


Some technical skills we are looking for (you don’t need to know all of these; we can teach you or learn together):

  • You can get around a UNIX/Linux operating system and perform basic system administration tasks.
  • Basic knowledge of  computer networks fundamentals and common protocols: TCP, HTTP, etc.
  • Interested in learning how to use and manage cloud computing platforms like AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.
  • Interested in learning more about containerization and container orchestration platforms. Think Docker, Kubernetes, ECS/Fargate and others.
  • Interested in learning about building modern cloud-based infrastructure using Infrastructure-as Code tools like Terraform, CloudFormation and others.
  • Basic knowledge of some CI/CD platform like Jenkins, GitLab CI or others.
  • Decent skills in a modern fully featured programming language like Python, Java, C#, Go or others.


We also expect that you are innovative, outcome oriented and an engineer that enjoys working/ creating a culture based on good software engineering principles/practices. 

Corporate language is English, so you should have a good proficiency in written and oral English.


If this sounds like you, get in touch!


Next steps

Submit your application no later than 31/10/2022.


For more information about the position, please contact Head of Software Delivery Engineering, Martin Pagh-Roelsgaard (

Department:  IT/Technology

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